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98 photo Old fuseki vs New Fuseki - Info Slate and Shell: This is the next book in John Fairbairn's series on famous games. This volume examines the game in which Go Seigen played Honinbo Shusai by starting with a 3-3 point play, a 4-4 point, and a stone on the center point (tengen). Fairbairn provides the usual very thorough commentary as well as background on the game situation and both players. There is a full discussion of the theory and development of New Fuseki with numerous examples of its use at the time. number of examples of it from actual games at the time. Fairbairn also provides by far the most thorough discussion in English of the controversy over whether Shusai’s decisive move in the middle game was discovered by one of his pupils during an adjournment. 133 pages. Fairbairn 05/08/2015 Français Josekis
99 photo Chinese opening Une belle introduction à l'ouverture chinoise et sa progression qui explique la popularité dont elle bénéficie aujourd'hui. Yuan Zhou 05/08/2015 Français Josekis
100 photo Patterns of the sanrensei Livre proposant 6 variations autour du Sanrensei ainsi que 6 parties commentées. Redmond, Mickael 07/08/2015 Français Josekis
101 photo Abc du go Dicky, Hervé 07/08/2015 Français Josekis
102 photo Le maitre ou tournoi de go Kawabata 07/08/2015 Français Josekis
103 photo Le Jeu de GO Regle et Pratique Laurent, Marcel 07/08/2015 Français Josekis
104 photo Learn Go: Possibly the most played board game in the World Moffatt, Neill 07/08/2015 Français Josekis
105 photo Go by example Moffatt, Neill 07/08/2015 Français Josekis
106 photo Modern joseki and fuseki : vol 1 Parallel fuseki Eio, Sakata 07/08/2015 Français Josekis
107 photo Be a maaster at go Matthews, Charles 07/08/2015 Français Josekis
89 photo Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Advanced problems tsumego 15 K et plus Yoshinori, Kano Anglais Tsumegos
3 photo Graded Go Problems for Beginners, tsumego 20 - 15 K Yoshinori, Kano Anglais Tsumegos
2 photo Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Elementary problems 25-20k Yoshinori, Kano Anglais Tsumegos
1 photo Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Introductory Problems I was reading volume 1, and noticed how well the author introduces Go concepts to the complete beginner. For example: Problem 1: capture Problem 2: capture using the edge of board Problem 3: capture using a corner, capture with a stone in atari Problem 4: capturing multiple stones Problem 5: local area may have unequal numbers of stones? Problem 6: capturing multiple stones with a group in atari Problem 7: as above, but away from an edge Problem 8: capturing two groups at once Problem 9: capturing big groups Problem 10: capturing a big group with stone becoming atari Volume 1 contains about 230 problems which cover several areas including recognizing atari, most basic of ladders, most basic of snapbacks, and most basic of life and death problems. 30-25k Yoshinori, Kano Anglais Tsumegos Alain Porte
23 photo a la decouverte du go initiation Deb Reysset, Pascal Lalo, Jean-Pierre Anglais Tsumegos
27 photo Le go un jeu d enfant vol 1 initiation Deb Fenech, Albert Anglais Tsumegos
91 photo A la decouverte du go problèmes et solutions (125 p.) Deb Audouard, Pierre Anglais Tsumegos