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91 photo A la decouverte du go problèmes et solutions (125 p.) Deb Audouard, Pierre Anglais Tsumegos
92 photo Get strong at joseki 1 Anglais Tsumegos
93 photo Get strong at the endgame Anglais Tsumegos
94 photo Yose Dai junfu Motoki Anglais Tsumegos
95 photo 5 proverbes Fan Hui 05/08/2015 Français Tsumegos Thomas Galliot
96 photo 21st Century Dictionary of Basic Joseki T 1 Every go player will find this brilliant and well-organized survey of all the important joseki patterns in contemporary go an indispensable study tool and reference work. It is a thorough updating and complete rewriting of the Yoshio Ishida Dictionary of Basic Joseki published in the mid-70s. It covers not only the long-established josekis familiar to players of all levels but also the many new variations of old josekis that have been developed in recent decades, including the first decade of the 21st century. The first volume covers all the 3-4 point josekis, including long sections on the avalanche joseki and the Magic Sword. The second volume covers the star point, and the 5-3, 5-4, and 3-3 points. In particular, there has been great innovation in star-point josekis in recent decades, so the coverage has been considerably expanded, compared to the Ishida dictionary. Like the Ishida work, it thoroughly analyses the various components of josekis, such as tesujis and good style and good shape, and focusses in depth on such themes as securing momentum and building influence. Each joseki listed is backed up by numerous diagrams exploring alternative moves and mistakes, to ensure that the reader understands the joseki fully. Consequently, this work is unrivalled as a lucid and comprehensive primer in joseki theory. The author, Shinji Takao, is a top Japanese professional who has held both the Honinbo and Meijin titles. His book retains the variations from its predecessor that are relevant to contemporary play but also gives countless new variations, reflecting the widespread innovations generated by professional go in the Far East in the last three decades. Takao Shinji 05/08/2015 Anglais Josekis Thomas Galliot
97 photo Xiang qi, l’univers des échecs chinois 05/08/2015 Français Josekis Thomas Galliot
98 photo Old fuseki vs New Fuseki - Info Slate and Shell: This is the next book in John Fairbairn's series on famous games. This volume examines the game in which Go Seigen played Honinbo Shusai by starting with a 3-3 point play, a 4-4 point, and a stone on the center point (tengen). Fairbairn provides the usual very thorough commentary as well as background on the game situation and both players. There is a full discussion of the theory and development of New Fuseki with numerous examples of its use at the time. number of examples of it from actual games at the time. Fairbairn also provides by far the most thorough discussion in English of the controversy over whether Shusai’s decisive move in the middle game was discovered by one of his pupils during an adjournment. 133 pages. Fairbairn 05/08/2015 Français Josekis
99 photo Chinese opening Une belle introduction à l'ouverture chinoise et sa progression qui explique la popularité dont elle bénéficie aujourd'hui. Yuan Zhou 05/08/2015 Français Josekis
100 photo Patterns of the sanrensei Livre proposant 6 variations autour du Sanrensei ainsi que 6 parties commentées. Redmond, Mickael 07/08/2015 Français Josekis
101 photo Abc du go Dicky, Hervé 07/08/2015 Français Josekis
102 photo Le maitre ou tournoi de go Kawabata 07/08/2015 Français Josekis
103 photo Le Jeu de GO Regle et Pratique Laurent, Marcel 07/08/2015 Français Josekis
104 photo Learn Go: Possibly the most played board game in the World Moffatt, Neill 07/08/2015 Français Josekis
105 photo Go by example Moffatt, Neill 07/08/2015 Français Josekis
106 photo Modern joseki and fuseki : vol 1 Parallel fuseki Eio, Sakata 07/08/2015 Français Josekis
107 photo Be a maaster at go Matthews, Charles 07/08/2015 Français Josekis