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Numero Photo Titre Description Niveau Auteur Date Langue Theme Emprunté par
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1 photo Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Introductory Problems I was reading volume 1, and noticed how well the author introduces Go concepts to the complete beginner. For example: Problem 1: capture Problem 2: capture using the edge of board Problem 3: capture using a corner, capture with a stone in atari Problem 4: capturing multiple stones Problem 5: local area may have unequal numbers of stones? Problem 6: capturing multiple stones with a group in atari Problem 7: as above, but away from an edge Problem 8: capturing two groups at once Problem 9: capturing big groups Problem 10: capturing a big group with stone becoming atari Volume 1 contains about 230 problems which cover several areas including recognizing atari, most basic of ladders, most basic of snapbacks, and most basic of life and death problems. 30-25k Yoshinori, Kano Anglais Tsumegos Alain Porte
2 photo Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Elementary problems 25-20k Yoshinori, Kano Anglais Tsumegos
3 photo Graded Go Problems for Beginners, tsumego 20 - 15 K Yoshinori, Kano Anglais Tsumegos
4 photo Get strong at the openning Anglais Tsumegos anthony DROUILLET
5 photo Get strong at tesuji (181 p.) Bozulich, Richard Anglais Tsumegos
6 photo Get strong at life and death Bozulich, Richard Anglais Tsumegos
7 photo In the beginning Anglais Tsumegos
8 photo tesuji Anglais Tsumegos Romain Hugues
9 photo Life and death Anglais Tsumegos
10 photo 38 basics josekis Anglais Tsumegos
11 photo Traite du jeu de go-1 stratégie Anglais Tsumegos
12 photo Traite du jeu de go- 2 tactique Anglais Tsumegos
13 photo Making good shape Anglais Tsumegos
14 photo A thousand and one life and death problems Anglais Tsumegos
15 photo Handbook of handicap go Anglais Tsumegos
16 photo Le jeu de go Anglais Tsumegos
17 photo basics techniques of go Nagahara, Haruyama Anglais Tsumegos
18 photo Go for beginners Anglais Tsumegos
19 photo The middle game of go Anglais Tsumegos
20 photo Lessons in the fondamentals of go Kageyama Anglais Tsumegos
21 photo Le jeu de go Français Tsumegos
22 photo Le Guide marabout du go Anglais Tsumegos
23 photo a la decouverte du go initiation Deb Reysset, Pascal Lalo, Jean-Pierre Anglais Tsumegos
24 photo L ame du go Anglais Tsumegos Romain Hugues
25 photo Le jeu à 6 pierres de handicap Anglais Tsumegos
26 photo Go! more than a game Anglais Tsumegos
27 photo Le go un jeu d enfant vol 1 initiation Deb Fenech, Albert Anglais Tsumegos
28 photo Le go un jeu d enfant vol 2 Anglais Tsumegos
29 photo Le go un jeu d enfant vol 3 Anglais Tsumegos
30 photo Attack and defense Anglais Tsumegos Thomas Galliot